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Coupon Clipping Services

Sometimes, it's necessary to look outside your city or towns paper to find coupons that are actually worth something.  I live in a small rural town, and our newspaper doesn't have half of the coupons that most metropolitan cities' have - sooo, I order coupons.

Now, I know most people don't agree with this but the truth of the matter is, I pay less for the coupon inserts I buy (shipping included) than I do for the paper that comes out on Sunday...AND, I get higher value coupons!!  

Here are a few that I like and have personally dealt with.

Insert Insanity is based out of Tampa, Florida and has some of THE BEST coupon inserts you can find online!  Inserts are sold by the 'set'.  'Sets' are considered to be all the inserts from one paper.  For example, if the Sunday newspaper has 3 inserts in it, then that week's 'set' will consist of 3.  

Insert Insanity also offers auto-bill so you can know you will get coupons every week!  Coupons usually arrive on Wednesdays each week.  Insert Insanity only sells whole coupon inserts.

For information & faq, please click here.  

Manufacturers Coupons is based in Seattle, Washington and has TONS of clipped coupons at really great prices!  Check the vast inventory here.

Coupons On Thier Way to Your Door in 24 Hours

The Coupon Master is the very first place I ever ordered coupons from in 2005.  I didn't stick with the coupons back then but it's good to know that The Coupon Master is still going strong!  With all the fly by night couponing businesses popping up everywhere, it's good to know that TCM was one of the first - and chances are, they'll be around long after the 'fad' of couponing is done.

Happy Couponing!