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Friday, December 30, 2011

From Not-So-Pretty to Pretty Useful

I love when you get on Facebook and you see something that inspires you.  That happened to me tonight.  I saw this great picture a friend posted - it's an adorable cosmetic organizer she made herself - with items she already at home.  

Photo & Design by Stephanie Holt

Cookie Sheet - that had seen its better days
Hot Glue

easy peasy!

It's so important for us to reuse, reduce and recycle what we can - we will find ourselves alot richer if utilize everything we already have at our disposal instead of always buying new.  Besides, making ugly stuff pretty and useful is sort of like therapy.  Or, it is for me.  :)

I hope this in some way inspires you to look around at your not-so-pretty things and re-make them into pretty useful!   ;) 


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