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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Re-purposing T-Shirts!

Re-purposing has become my new favorite thing.  I love using worn-out items and making something pretty and useful come from it - a new birth if you will.  And...it's FREE!!!   :)

This weeks re-purpose idea is all about t-shirts.  I have a ton of 'em and I'm sure you do too!  So, why not clear out our closets and drawers and get a start on spring cleaning - let's make some stuff!  These things would make fantastic gifts by the way. ;)  Ready?

Braided Headbands 

These cute headbands are made with long strips cut from tshirts - minimal sewing is required.  
Visit Make It-Love It for complete tutorial and pictures.     

Ruffly Scarf

This little scarf is easy peasy!  And, it's precious.  Visit Ruffles and Stuff for complete instructions.  To see a knotted tshirt scarf (no sewing), click here.   :)

Are you inspired??  I am!  Have a Happy Christmas!!


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