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Monday, January 16, 2012

Mind If I Rant??

I have been purchasing coupons for a year now.  

Because I live in a small town, the inserts in our Sunday paper aren't really that great.  Sooo, I had no other choice but to find a great supplier of inserts at the lowest price possible.  Here's where it gets tricky.

There are companies all over - well, they're really other bloggers who get great prices on newspaper subscriptions - and they sell the whole inserts and/or clipped coupons to their readers.  It's a great service and one that I'm glad I'm able to take part in.  However, there are those bloggers/companies who mean to sell coupons for a living.  

Here's the thing:  We are NOT allowed to sell the actual coupon.  What we can do is sell the time (as a service) it takes us to gather, sort, clip and ship said coupon.  What bites my butt is that in almost ALL cases, single coupons vary in price.  Here's what I saw on a coupon clipping service this morning:

Purina $0.50/1 Dog Food Coupon (20) $1.00
Purina $5/1 Dog Food Coupon (20) $9.99

$9.99?!  For 20 Coupons??  Really?!  

Now, I ask you...did it take MORE time to gather, sort, clip and ship the $5 off 1 coupon than it did for the $0.50 coupon?  NO.  

I have no problem with people making money.  In fact, I encourage it.  Find something you love and find a way to do it forever!  But, in this instance, it's bordering on greed.  

So, am I wrong to feel this way?  I get that it's a higher value coupon but are these clipping services helping us by charging that much for the 'good' coupons?  

*Note:  After researching this, I have found a great company that offers ALL coupons for THE SAME price - no matter the value!  Check out WizClipz here.  And please know that I am NOT compensated for the name mention.  :)



Cathy Davis said...

Thank you for researching a great place to buy coupons. I rarely buy coupons... err 'pay people for their time in clipping coupons for me' :) But there are times when an extra 20 coupons is well worth a few bucks! Now, I know what site to check first! :)

(found you through the MVM Alexa Hop by the way! Thanks for linking up - hope you swing by my place as well!)

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